Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yakiniku Senri

Something that always bothers me about tabletop grilling is the distinctive ulam smell that sticks to your clothes. No matter how well ventilated the dining area is, the smoke from the grill has to pass through you before diffusing into the atmosphere.

This doesn't happen at Senri, where their hi-tech tabletop grills suck the smoke as soon as fat meets fire. I woke up this morning and smelled the shirt I wore to dinner last night and any bad smell there was didn't come from the restaurant. I think it's those bentesingko sized holes that ring the interior of the grill that work the magic.

We've eaten in Senri only a few times and it's been good so far. You can't go wrong with the Karubi (beef), which I think is a safe first order. Also good is the Sangyu (pork) - it comes with lettuce, garlic, and siling pangsigang. I can't help but feel that I'm in a Korean restaurant with a Japanese feel. Karubi = Kalbi, Sangyu = Samgyupsal. Our current favorite is the Solty Tong (salty beef tongue) or its variation with Welsch green onion.

Senri also has very fresh draft beer. It's cheap, at P42 for about half a liter. The kitschy muscular mugs are kinda cool too. Just go visit to see what I mean. Oh, and for the month of September, each table gets a bottle of (Korean) Jinro soju for free. Mix it with some lemon or calamansi for a nice, refreshing drink.

The service isn't all that good though. While eager, the staff has a hard time answering questions. But this is forgivable, since they opened only last July.

Senri is along Pasay Road, across Dusit and beside some girlie bar. They're open until 1230 am, and they'll kick you out if you overstay.