Monday, February 12, 2007

Super Seryna

I think I'm getting more and more picky when it comes to Japanese food. It used to be that I could eat just any old piece of raw fish. I still can, actually but I've learned to appreciate the finer stuff.

What's great about Seryna is that each piece of sashimi I've tried so far has been fresh beyond reproach. I also enjoyed the Tako-su (octopus and seaweed in vinegar), sushi platter, assorted yakimono, and the kaizen. Sitting at the sushi bar, I could see that there were many dishes that I didn't recognize, and that got me really excited. And if there's an item that you don't see on the menu, just ask for it and they'll probably whip it up. Oh, and I heard they have fresh wasabi.

Seryna is located along the outside perimeter of Little Tokyo. It's clean, nicely decorated, and a bit expensive. A meal for one can cost around Php 1,200.00. But if you go lunchtime, you can get these really filling rice or noodle meals for just Php 250.00.

Tel.: 894-3855. It's right across Plaza Fair/McDonalds.