Friday, May 06, 2005

About bogchinoypi

We like to eat. Our standards are: (1) food must be cheap, (2) food must be good, (3) it must be in or near Makati, (4) food must be cheap. When I say cheap, I mean Ilocano cheap. Cleanliness is not a factor. Neither do we care about ambience. Basta busog, OK na.

Sometimes, we're lucky enough to sample some excellent but expensive food. Food should be cheap; I stand by that. But that doesn't mean we can't live it up once in a while.

11 April 2006: We were about to shut down a few months ago for lack of time to make contributions. But thanks to the infusion of new blood - Kara and Miguel - we're back up and as prolific as ever. Yehey!


filet minion said...

With all due respect to the bogchief, he is mistaken when he says we do not care about the ambience. We actually do care about the ambience-- the ambience must exude nothing but cheapness: the cheaper-looking the better. Pagmukhang sosyal, dein na. Dapat pwedeng nakatsinelas, and i don't mean the havaianas, pero yung local beachwalkers/ispartans lang baga.

bogchief said...

That's not true. I don't mind if the place looks nice, as long as we can get value for our money. And, of course, we have to be able to get in even if we're sweaty and nakapambahay.

filet minion said...

Bogchief, I don't think you'll be reviewing any greenbelt food outlets here since just about anyone could go grab a bite at the mall. And we've already got tons of lifestyle columnists critique-ing restos (sans doreen fernandez who's been dead for some time). We can easily name nice places where we can get value for our money. But isn't the whole point of this blog to share newly discovered hole-in-the-wall eateries? If not, you might as well apply to be a researcher/ food taster/ poseur for yaparazzi.

Can you hear Yoda saying right about now--
"I stand corrected" your next comment shall be.

sly said...

Did you guys ever think of a one line summary or rating? I find it helps me swallow the longer posts when the attention is waining. I really like the stuff your doing. I myself love the journey of food. Try Malcoms place for wagyu burgers.. good old fat riddled beef!

- Sly

Stef said...


I'm from 24/7 Magazine (a free guide to the events and establishments in Metro Manila) and we're doing a very short feature on Cafe Juanita and just need a photo of the place. i found your review of the restaurant through google and I would like to ask for your permission to lift the photo from your website.

We will give full credit to the photographer and put your website address as well.

Hope you can accommodate our request and get back to me as soon as possible (since we're on a deadline)

Please email me through stef.juan(at)


gpn said...

Hi Bogchief! Hi everyone!

My nick is "Wanderluster"--I just wanted to ask if i could also contribute to the bogchinoypi blog.

To start with, i'd like to recommend PINO chocolate-covered ice cream (price last time i bought it in December last year is P68 for a box of 6 pieces) that is sold at the convenience store/co-op along side Sango! at Creekside Mall in Amorsolo, Makati.

Be sure to use the plastic toothpick that comes with the package to eat each ice cream piece as it is almost guaranteed to melt if you use your stubby fingers.

Dark chocolate coats either the vanilla or mint flavored ice cream piece that is so addictive!

Thanks a lot! :)

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George Tebresco said...

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the blogosphere...How do I submit a private note?

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