Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gabby Concepcion's sister makes damn good pizza

First time I tried Sandy's Pizza was at an editorial shoot some time middle of last year. I was shooting a barkada of personalities, one of which turned out to be Gabby Concepcion's sister. She served some great buffalo wings and unique, tasty pizza (I forget the flavors, sorry!) Turns out she had a pizza take out place, and they deliver.

Fast forward to last night, my brother and I were home alone. He wanted KFC, I wanted pizza but was tired of our usual Shakey's order. I remembered that pizza I had half a year ago, googled them up, and ordered for us a Garlic Chorizo pizza and buffalo wings. They were awesome. Both dishes were flavorful, and I felt the ingredients were fresh and of good quality. My only problem was that the buffalo wing's dip was an extra order, and the crust of the pizza was a bit tough to chew. I usually eat my crust, but I gave up on this one. In any case, and more importantly, everything in the middle of the pizza was awesome.

Anyway, check out Sandy's Pizza. They used to deliver in the San Juan area, but I think they've expanded their reach by now. They have a full menu and better, more appetizing photos on their Multiply site. Other flavors I want to try out are Garlic Tuyo in Olive Oil and Thai Chicken Curry pizza.

Sandy's Pizza: 721-8834, 721-8329, 467-5404 and 583-2296.