Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yogurt Yum. Lets eat and be friends forever.

That's what I would expect to read on a Korean yogurt label. Instead, it says "La Ciel." Made in the Philippines but managed by Koreans. Which still doesn't explain the European sounding brand name. But who cares. Their yogurt is unarguably yummy and creamy. 2 flavors so far--strawberry and blueberry. P100 for a 500g bottle. Bit pricy pero sulit sizewise. Thank you Sandaraland!

Available at Kang's grocery, in front of Salcedo Park, and Happy Kitchen (or something). Basta yung 24-hour Korean convenience store along the road behind Caltex J.Vargas, Ortigas. Run and catch it for happy tummy love.