Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tapos Na Ang Boksing

With no time to try out new places on a regular basis, there's just no point continuing this blog. Unless, dear reader, you'd be interested in reading everyday about the fare in the Citibank cafeteria or in Top of the City. And that would just be sad. Now, I just look to wysgal for food suggestions around my area.

Weird that I post this farewell today, when I just had dimsum and Chinese seafood at Golden Fortune in Soler Street and picked-up some take-out at Assad's along U.N. avenue.

P.S. - If anyone out there wants to contribute, then maybe this thing can keep going. Anyone?


filet minion said...

aside from posh top of the city, you also have the coldest super dry served in aposento na may kasamang pulutang chicharon bulaklak.

do the the dimsum places you mentioned fit the bogchinoypi criteria? lemme know cos i frequent the place every so often to follow up uh ocw stuff, and i can grab some good dimsum in the u.n. area.

how serendipitous that i visited the site just before it closes down. au revoir bogchinoypi! your bogchief is too busy now to keep you updated. or perhaps already too loaded to blog about cheapo places to eat.

wysgal said...

Thank you for the kind words bogchief.

Who knows, you might just get bitten (again?) by the blog bug one of these days.

karabau said...

Ako, may cheapo finds! Pero I have blogging issues. But then again, kung tungkol naman sa pagkain, why not. Paano 'to? By the way, sarado na ang Alda's!

Doranne said...

:( im a fan pa naman of your blog :(((((