Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grill and Beer It

Aackk! Over a month since the last post!

I just don't understand why many of us, if given the choice, would prefer a bottle of San Miguel to a nice fresh mug of San Miguel Draft. Draft is meant to be consumed soon after kegging while a bottle of beer can be drunk even a couple of years after bottling. Now what does that tell us? Draft beer is fresher probably has less preservatives (I don't know if this is true and, while I'm generally curious, I am not about to do any extensive Marketman-esque research. We love you, Marketman!).

Which brings us to Yakiniku Heijyoen. First brought to the "team's" attention by filet minion, this Japanese restaurant serves free beer. I can actually end the post right here but I'll be nice and say a bit more.

On Sundays, you can drink all the draft beer you want. It's not buy one take one, or buy one take two, or buy a bucket of six for P100. It's simply order one, and another, and another, and another, and *burp* another. You don't have to pay for a single beer.

Their food menu seems to be designed with the beer drinker in mind. They have a decent selection of what I would classify as Japanese pica-pica. Each dish comes in a small bowl: uni is P50, edamame is P50, kimuchi is P50.

But the ultimate pulutan is the yakiniku. While not as good in quality as Sakura's, it is decent. I'd go with just the thinly sliced beef tongue, lightly sear it on the tabletop grill, and dip it in some lemon juice. It's cheap, at P200 per plate so if you order that and have four beers, its as if you ate for free! Have five or more beers at parang kumita ka pa!

For those who prefer bottled beer, they do serve San Miguel Pale and Light, but you'd have to pay for it. Why, oh why?

So go and get wasted at 2277 Pasong Tamo, Makati. Right beside Kikufuji. Tel. 888-2288.


wysgal said...

I've heard of the free-flowing beer in this place. Do they give you beer even if you don't order anything? =)

bogchief said...

We were given beers even before we ordered anything so I think you'll be able to finagle them into giving you one or two while you pretend to browse through the menu. Then maybe you can receive an emergency phone call and leave.

Try it and let us know what happens!

filet minion said...

grabe ang labo nga! nung pumunta ako dun isang beses, may mga mamang hapon ba naman na umiinom ng bottled beer. bomalabs!

acidboy said...

i was reading an interview with a bartender a while back in one of those magazines. he said that he never never ever drinks draft beer. why? because he said the pipes that the draft passes through are so filthy and gunk usually clogs up the pipe.

then again, so freaking what?!

joey said...

Hello Bogchief! I like Cerveza Negra myself but free beer??? Thank you for the heads up!!! I live really close by...oh joy :)

My dad used to work at San Miguel and he said that it was just so sad that the "kids nowadays" weren't into draft beer anymore...

joey said...

Is this all day Sunday? And only on Sundays? I texted my dad already...hehe :)

bogchief said...

All day Sunday, and only on Sundays. Better make it dinner. I don't think you'll be up for lunch after the finals! :)

Joey said...

Hi guys!

Just came across your blog after reading your review of Beers Paradise. Mmmm, beer.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce to you Azure Cafe, my mom's coffeeshop on the corner of Esteban and Dela Rosa Street in Legaspi Village, Makati.

She's been open for over 5 years now and she's never been reviewed. I'm just curious how a third party would like her food.


karabau said...

Hey Joey!

I love Azure! I used to hang out there a lot when I worked across the street from it. Cute place with the nautical motif, right?

Medyo nagmahal na sila but I still like their paninis and chips. Particularly the sardine and quesong puti one, and their adobo panini. Plus, the service is always great :).

joey said...

Hi Joey! I'm Joey too :) Azure is quite nearby...I have seen it a couple of times...I will check it out! :)

joey said...

Thanks Bogchief! My dad keeps asking, "What's the catch?". I say, only one way to find out ;) Thanks again!

bogchief said...

Joey, the catch is that their yakiniku is not that good. But the beer makes it better than it really is. And if it doesn't you won't remember anyway. =)

Joey said...

hi karabau,

yes, that's it! glad you like the panini :)

hi joey too,

i thought for awhile people would mistake one joey for another, lol. anyway, please do drop by and tell us if you like it :)

urbanHUB said...

It's cheap, at P200 per plate so if you order that and have four beers, its as if you ate for free! Have five or more beers at parang kumita ka pa!


Anonymous said...

you guys should try sandaya along pasay road... order any yakiniku and beer is free... san mig light and pale pilsen... drink all you can... as long as you order