Thursday, January 11, 2007

best thing since sliced bread

If a flavored potato chip got together with french bread and had a child, it would taste like Oishi's Bread Pan. Mmmmm... sarap! Comes in two flavors-- Toasted Garlic and Cheese & Onion. Seriously addicting. Also good to use in salads in lieu of croutons.

Available at 7eleven and Mini Stop at P8 for a 50g pack.


Socky said...

As croutons in salads, interesting. Cheap pa. Will certainly try!

russkal said...

Hey Kara!

Yet another food blog to add in my bookmark! Lalo ako'ng lalapad neto... tsk!

Cool posts, actually. Keep it up!

ps: matanong ko lang, hindi mo naman kliyente itong oishi, ano? hehe

r.i.a.n said...

i have to agree this is one of my fave snacks.. the only thing i can buy from the school kiosk on a Sunday evening battling over Anatomy class!

iSSa said...

super yummy!!! =) my mom actually discovered this & the family became hooked! excellent tip on using it as croutons, tnx!