Tuesday, March 20, 2007

early morning delight

I looooove hotel breakfast buffets. But not because of the fresh-from-the-oven buttery croissants, rich but fluffy omelets or endless assortment of ham and sausages. I've learned that focus is key. Especially if the company outing tour bus is leaving in 15mins.

The Marco Polo Hotel in Beijing has yummy yogurt. Rich, creamy and not funky-tasting. Alas, I don't remember what brand it was. I'm not even sure if the label was in English. But it was good enough for my roommate and I to risk lactose-intolerant repercussions in the land of squatty-potties. (By the way, the yogurt in Vietnam is also very good. At may caramel flavor! Gasp! Yummm.)

I like to embellish my yogurt with chunks of mango and honeydew melon. Then I generously sprinkle cornflakes and rice crispies, drizzle a little syrup, and dig in. Mmmmm.

Back home, I make do with Nestle's Mango Yogurt (Not the 0% fat one. Bring on the fat! In yogurt, at least.). Mini-buhos ng plain cornflakes, and solb na me.


filet minion said...

vietnam yogurt is ridiculously cheap! like 3 pesos for a cup and it is the best yogurt i've ever tried! andami daming dutch products dun. 7-eleven also started selling dutch-branded yogurt drinks from vietnam for P13.50 in tetra pack. sobrang sarap nung 'natural' flavor.

my theory why vietnam products are so cheap is because all of them ride motorcycles, which translates to low gas consumption thereby not making their country vulnerable to the escalating world oil price market, unlike the phils. ergo, dapat lahat nalang tayo magmotor!!!

katrina said...

Kara, if you're willing to pay over P100 for yogurt (it's a big cup, though, and quite filling), try Bulla Greek-style yogurt. It comes in flavors like Mango-Passionfruit and Strawberry. It's SOOO thick and creamy! I first saw it in S & R, but just last weekend I saw Bulla products (they also have real fresh cream, cottage cheese, etc.) in Rustan's. It's delicious!

Oh, and by the way...I could kill you for going to China on a company outing! Why have *I* never worked for an agency that had outings abroad?! :-(

karabau said...

But now you can freelance and take trips whenever you want to :-).

Hhmm, P100 for a cup? Sige, subukan ko. Next sweldo. Haha! Hope all is well with you :-)

f. said...

got here by googling mine shine milk tea haha. i'll add you to my list of reads. :)

Robs said...

Mango...gusto ko ng mango...hindi masarap ang mango dito...