Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oishi Pods

Geek that I am, the product name sends my mind in sci fi directions. I almost didn't buy it. But anyway, this yummy potater alternative's been hard to find, so when you see a bag, grab it!
The clean, crisp package design drew my eye. And I was pleased with the crunchy contents. Don't expect actual peas though. As the copy on the bag stays vague, I assume it's some recombined pea material instead, haha.

It's baked not fried, and fortified with vitamins. So it's an inexpensive, very tasty and somewhat healthy (on the most babaw level) snack. In a cursory comparison with other chips in the shopping bag, it did have less fats and calories and more protein. It seems a bit high on sodium though.

Still, I like it. And at 11php in MiniStop, I'm grabbing the next bag I see.

(On a sort of related note, have you been to Oishi Land? There are cute games and everything! And, I didn't realize they had such a wide product line up na. What's your favorite Oishi snack?)


wysgal said...

In my mind:

"pods" + green + food = soylent green.

"Soylent Green is made of people ... PEOPLE!"

Ich said...

22 php? Di ba eleven pesos lang yan?

kaladkarin said...

i just bought an 11 peso pack this afternoon. So thanks ich, i stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

vegetable chicharon! WINNER!