Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dong Bei

Turns out I had to be in Escolta for work today. I decided to make a food trip out of it and searched online for recommendations. Dong Bei was mentioned in several blogs as one of the stops in Ivan Man Dy's Binondo walking tour (which I would love to take one of these days).

From my meeting in Plaza Cervantes, I walked in the direction of the Binondo Church and beyond. I took my cue from Gene Gonzalez and ordered fried dumplings and dry soybean noodles. A tour group (I presume Ivan's) entered the place as I was having my meal, allowing me to shamelessly eavesdrop for a few minutes. I would have wanted to try other dishes but the servings were too large. Next time, I'll make sure to bring reinforcements. 

I spent around P250 for 10 fried dumplings, a bowl of noodles, and a can of beer.


miguel said...

'Chief, is this the authentically Taiwanese dumpling place? Yung may pink Chinese characters on the shop window?

I've taken Ivan's food tour twice, and that was my favorite stop. Tara, organize ka! Let's get a group discount!

bogchief said...

Game ako miguel. Let's take advantage of the cool weather and drop by one Saturday or Sunday. Basta kami ni filet magmomotor lang.

Anonymous said...

dumplings looks great

PAM said...

Hi, Bogchief! I haven't met you, but I know Miguel. May I go with you guys when you go to Dong Bei? Miguel can vouch for my character. : )

miguel said...

Haha Pam. Anybody who eats like you do is a friend of ours. Apir!