Tuesday, April 21, 2009

save your money

Don't eat at John & Yoko at Greenbelt 5. Or at least don't order the Hollywood Tuna, basically a tuna sashimi salad drizzled with soy sesame dressing. Don't be fooled by the yummy-looking picture. The tuna is overpowered by way too much coarsely ground black pepper and the dressing is blah.

Their Dragon Roll is ohkaaay. But not great. The Beef Spinach Tamago is yummy, but not yummy enough to make up for the other two dishes.

The interiors are Cibo meets Tokyo Tokyo. Pero 'pag pumikit ka, feeling mo nasa cafeteria ka lang sa ingay ng mga tao.

So many of their waiters have blond highlights, I suspect it's an employee benefit. Or maybe they just work at salons during the day.

Overall, sayang sa pera. Mag-Omakase na lang kayo :-).


Katrina said...

I've heard mostly bad reviews about this place, so I've never gone. And yeah, I did notice that about the waiters, even though I haven't even entered the place. Not just highlights, but funky haircuts, too. Must be part of their image. Sorry, but this place proves that image/marketing can only go so far.

ry.borines said...

...hmmm, then I wonder why the place is almost always packed whenever I pass by it.

miguel said...

isn't john and yoko by the same folks behind sumo sam? if ever, i expect the same expensive, mediocre japanese mash up menu.

sushiya is still pretty good for the money :)

ry.borines said...

yup, the peeps behind john & yoko and sumo sam are the same...(the actor marvin agustin is co-owner of both, plus other restos marciano's, ten titas, etc. He co-owns 7 places na nga daw, I've only been to sumo sam so far)

cez said...

john & yoko is just a glorified version of sumo sam! the menu is really practically the same..just more expensive! i never returned there either (yet it's always full)

omakase is the best!

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