Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oh Mine Shine

Loyal fans of this crisp, sweetish drink will remember its sudden, panic-inducing disappearance from exclusive retailer 7-11 around 2008. (Coincidentally around the same time as the milks-with-melamine ban. Completely coincidentally.)

Remember that time of withdrawal, I mean, slight disappointment? Well! Those trying, I mean, inconvenient times are back. Mine Shine has disappeared again! Not a drop of its 800kcal goodness in sight. (Please email me immediately should you find one. Immediately! Or if you have contact details of the importer, I'd really like to have a word, I mean, find out what's up.)

Last seen at 7-11 President's Ave one month ago

True, prior to the 2008 months-long disappearance, its supply has been patchy. But post-melamine, I mean, post-reformulation, it has been on steady supply - encouraging dependence!.. I mean confidence!

For fans who are missing it as much as I am, I've found that ChaTime's ChaTime Roasted milk tea (arguably their most populist tea flavor) a very worthy replacement. For one, it IS freshly made upon order, adding a richer, deeper tea taste. The fat chewy pearls add quite a bit of happy in your mouth too.

Of course, if you find yourself too loyal to Mine Shine, ChaTime has a looong list of non-similar flavors to choose from. Feel free to stray and sample how else milk tea can be done. (As we certainly did. Stay tuned for Bogchinoypi's ChaTime favorites in an upcoming post.)

In the meantime, lemme just check that tucked-away 7-11 branch inside that building. Not that I'm looking for anything in particular.


Miguel said...

I like Cha Time's roasted milk tea too.

I feel they have a chance of giving Serenitea a run for it's money. They're located in the weirdest of places but people still find them.

Anonymous said...

Mine Shine is still available here in Valenzuela 7-11 branch. :)

[pinkc00kies] said...

i miss this =(