Thursday, April 13, 2006

Izakaya Kikufuji


You're in Kikufuji and you just ordered California Maki? Shame on you.

I'm no food snob and I like my kani-mayo-mango roll just as much as you but there are better things to order in this bustling Japanese bistro - things they don't serve in Tokyo Tokyo.

DSC00056Start with some edamame (parang nilagang mani pero soya beans) and order a nama (they have some of the freshest draft beer in town). The ika wasabi is also pretty good, especially with the nama. For sashimi, forget the usual suspects. Try the nigitoro - finely chopped tuna belly mixed with onions and chives, or the aji tataki - salay-salay chopped up with ginger and chives.

Then try their beef nikomi soup - tripe and other innards boiled in a miso, ginger, and garlic broth. Make sure you pre-order some grilled stuff - yakimono. Nankotsu (chicken cartilage) and gyutan (beef tongue) are my favorites. For variety, order some grilled green chilies and mushrooms too.

Feeling sated? Don't quit now - just order a salad. The maguro daikon helps clear the palate. When you're ready, order the grilled salmon head and don't forget to suck on the gooey cheeks. Another nama will go down really well just about now. While waiting for the salmon, get some uni temaki - a nice generous scoop of sea urchin in a seaweed cone.

DSC00052For more food ideas, call over your server and order what the Japanese salaryman seated at the next table just ordered. Don't point with your finger - that's rude. Be discreet and point with your lips. Oh, and order another nama while you're at it.

Izakaya Kikufuji
2277 Pasong Tamo
(just outside Little Tokyo)


wysgal said...

A friend has promised to take me here. Food is supposed to be good (and not cheap?) although he warns the wine is rancid. =)

bogchief said...

Not cheap, you're right. But not unreasonable either. I estimate P500 per head if you're a party of four. The food is good and honest, and perfect with beer. Which is why I'm not surprised your friend had some bad wine. I hardly see anyone drinking wine in the place although I know they sell it (at about 40% more for the same bottle in Cyrano). I urge you to have a beer instead. Or maybe some sake. Sarap!

filet minion said...

or as an alternative, go to the hik*@#$^ yakiniku resto right beside kikufuji on sundays. it is crucial that you do this only on sundays because that is when they serve unlimited draft beer for free! yes, FREE! no kidding. they don't have the exotic stuff in kiku but you'll be fine with any yakiniku plate. the cheapest is something like P150 and you're all set to SMB for free!

the ambience is more quaint and charming in the little tokyo area of the yakiniku place. so go get drunk there.

whiffandasip said...

The yakitori's are the specialty here. The coal is even imported and is said to be the secret behind the fragrance of the yakitori's. Sashimi are also very very fresh and of very good quality.