Sunday, April 16, 2006

Let's Go Sango!

With the opening in the past few years of specialty burger joints like Brothers, Hotshots, Bite Club, and Wham!, not to mention the McDonald'ses, Jollibees, BKs, and Wendy'ses (did I do my possessive plurals right?), I thought this city had no more room for another burger joint. But Sango! is a welcome addition because it isn't like anything I've ever come across in Manila.

Sango! - don't forget the exclamation point - is a Japanese style burger restaurant that prides itself on cooking your food as you order. If you were to compare it to another burger chain, I think it would be pretty close to MOS Burger. The inside is bright and spotless and you can see the burger grill, with Mr. Kobayashi flipping the patties, through a glass pane. For food that's cooked as you order, the burgers are ready surprisingly fast (although it was a slow day).

Now to the food. You can get the regular "Hamburger Burger" or be adventurous and order the Master Burger in any of its variations (Double Master Burger, Triple Master Burger, with or without cheese). The difference between the Master Burger and the Hamburger Burger is the presence of chili con carne and a tomato slice in the Master. The burgers are juicy but not that special. Their French fries are excellent - big pieces, not the frozen kind. If you order a Master, you'll notice that you have some excess chili after finishing the burger. We were taught to scoop up the chili using the fries. Nice.

The real draws here are the rice burgers. They have two varieties: Kimpira and Yakiniku. The Kimpira - which is bacon, dried seaweed, and stir-fried burdock root - was just wonderful. The Yakiniku looked good too but I'm saving that for my next trip, when I'll also order their Tonkatsu and Teriyaki burgers. Their cold green tea goes well with the Asian flavors of the rice burgers and any of their milkshakes would be a good cap to the meal.

Sango!'s prices are very reasonable. From P50 for the barest burger to P148 for the Triple Master Cheeseburger.

Sango! Hamburgers
Room 5 Ground Floor Creekside Mall
Amorsolo corner Legaspi Streets
Makati City

Sango! is right beside CO-OP, a nice Japanese grocery where almost everything costs P75. It's worth a visit in its own right.


Miguel said...

i'm the kid who wanted to put up his own burger joint to beat mcdo. then jollibee came along. still, im always in search for the perfect burger

matikman nga 'tong Sango!

karabau said...

Tried their chicken teriyaki burger last night. Sarap din :)! The slightly sweetish sauce reminds me of the one they put on the choriburgers de boracay.

Miguel said...

ok, so masarap nga sa Sango. sorry, Sango! pala.

tried the Master Burger and i really loved the spaghetti-like sauce in it. but silly me, i neglected to scoop it up with my fries.

the complete opposite of the Sango burger, price-wise, is the burger at Bizu. with gorgonzola it's DELICIOUS. i had it last week, and for the first time, hindi ako nainggit sa order ng mga kasama ko.

filet minion said...

i just tried the yakiniku burger and the master cheese for lunch. sarap! yung yakiniku wala yung mga palaman na seaweed and stuff so hindi kseng nakakaexcite pero kasarap pa rin. saucy pa.

bogchief said...

Ang panget ng rice burger sa mcdo. Mas mahal pa.

Papichulo168 said...

I tried Sango! several months ago and it's such a shame the resto's seem to be yet discovered by foodies. Mr. Kobayashi's the nicest guy I met who runs a restaurant. He practically grilled, packed our orders and even opened the door for us on our way out (with probably a dozen bows exchanged. I had the burgers to go and I tell you, they are THE BOMB! Better than BB better than Hotshots! And I say this even if I ate the burger take out a full day later! (I left it in my car!)

Jollibee Philippine said...

Well, I never heard Sango before, but is seems so interesting and their food looks so good too! Wish I can also go there and have a taste of it myself. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.