Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Nope, we haven’t been trawling Makati Ave, just picking up on what racier La Salle peeps call Sinangag Express.

A beloved Taft area haunt and now with 2 branches in the South, Sinangag Express probably inspired the very first time “SOLID!” was used as a Pinoy term of approval. Like the best small gems, Sinangag Express sticks to simple favorites done well. Flaky tapa, shredded adobo, tender tocino, fried chicken, bangus.. The very first time I ate in S-Express, I knew there was something special about this place when

1) they served the –log wet rather than fried-too-long dry. Perfect for folding into your garlic rice.


2) every table had its own bottle of chili oil. A sure indicator that the owners know how to enjoy their –silogs!

Sure enough, every meal in Sinangag Express since has delivered on that solid Pinoy meal. Tasty, marinated cuts of meat. No scrimping on ingredients. & a few extra goodies on the side to round out the meal.

Their iced tea for example, really is quite special. Rather than go with mass-produced vended stuff, they’ve come up with their own yummy, brewed blend.

They also have chilled taho – a refreshing end to the meal. Plus the occasional yema or brownie on the counter.

If you have a large appetite, I suggest either getting extra ulam or doubling your order. At generally php65 a meal, feel free to go for 3 even. Walang problema.

What's your favorite -silog? :)

Drop in on 24-hour Sinangag Express at President's Ave. in Sucat. Near DLSU, in Better Living Subd., Pedro Gil Makati and again in BF Homes Aguirre Ave.


Miguel said...

it's alive!

do they deliver?

mrtgeneration said...

Yes, minimum order of Php 100.

You know what else delivers? Adobo Republic! More on that later..

Fast Food places said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea.

restaurants said...

Looking very great ...