Monday, November 05, 2007

pancit nanaman!

On most Sundays, I avoid Greenhills like the plague. The whole shopping center may be undergoing a facelift, but the place is still an urban planning nightmare. Traffic and parking sucks on weekends, and especially now that we’re heading into the freakin’ holidays.

So I was sort of pissed that our mother wanted to eat lunch at Casa Reyes, another offshoot from the Aristocrat family of restos (by my count, there’s Alex III, Serye, and Reyes BBQ). I was hungry, in no mood to argue, and even more ticked off to find the resto full.

That turned out to be a blessing in the sky(!) because I suddenly remembered that we hadn’t eaten at Sun Moon Garden in the longest time.

Sun Moon Garden has been in Greenhills since… forever. We used to eat there almost every Sunday when our church was actually in the shopping center. And Sun Moon isn’t actually a garden. It’s really in the basement of Shoppesville, right behind the row of ID photo booths, where I used to get my ID photos done back in the pre-digital age. (Nowadays, I just shoot myself.)

Anyway, Sun Moon is known for its pancit canton and that’s because it has the best pancit canton. Ever. And that’s coming from the guy who’s not very fond of noodles and pasta. Hold on, I’m not sure if it’s actually listed as Sun Moon Pancit Canton on the menu. Basta. It’s the one with tender noodles that’s not so thin, yet not so thick (medium?). It’s got this tasty brownish sauce that’s not too gooey. Also it’s got a mound of vegetables and seafood on it. Like a lot of the Chinese dishes that have come our way, it’s a meal in itself. The small-sized order was just right for the three of us.

For nostalgia’s sake, we also ordered my favorite Fried Shrimp Balls. It was deep fried to a golden, crispy outside, nice and soft inside finish. It’s served with a more-sweet-than-sour sauce, and should be eaten with that.

Our only mistake was ordering the Deep Fried Lapu Lapu with Oyster Sauce. The fish wasn’t fresh at all. It was also an expensive mistake, being the priciest dish among our orders. We should have gone with the Oriental Sizzling Beef (something like that) that every table except ours seemed to have.

Since it's located in the basement, and because it's a Chinese resto, don’t expect much ambiance. Here’s a photo of the interiors, in all its fluorescent-lit glory.

Small-sized orders are good for three, or a hungry two, and average around P200. Except for that lame Lapu Lapu dish which set us back around 400 bucks. Sun Moon Garden is located at the basement level of Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center. Tel. no 721-0856.


kaladkarin said...

OHMYGAD!!! Sun Moon Garden!!!
My father used to always take us there. And some of my earliest memories are from that place - the dark fish swimming in the green water; the tang of calamansi on my fingers.
I'm suddenly craving for pansit (canton or bihon?) and beef in oyster sauce. yummmeeeee.

Jen Tan said...

WOW!!! They do have great pancit..I remeber when I used to have offcie in Annapolis...jan ang pancit for meryenda source namen and samahan ng pan de sal! ...bakit kaya masarap at bagay ang carbs on carbs? Oh the prawn balls...yummy nga. Super long time since I've eaten here.

Cool post =)

miguel said...

kaladkarin, how did a mountain girl like you reach our hills? but i believe you! fish in tanks, and calamansi and toyo are indeed part of the essential sun moon garden experience!

jen, salamat! at least ikaw pancit and pan de sal. ako pancit and rice. carbo loading!

Jen Tan said...

hey Miguel...pwede din yun...pancit at rice hhahaha =) Baket Spaghetti and rice won't work noh??--yeaaakkkk!!! I love your to happy you guys are posting againg =)

Anonymous said...

i havent been to this resto yet..

erin said...

it's been ages since i've been to this resto! talagang iba ang mga authentic fluorescent lit chinese restos, they retain the flavors quite well