Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kikufuji Updates

Taped onto the back cover of Kikufuji's regular menu is their specials menu. It changes every couple of months and contains items that give me temporary kuripot amnesia.

Right now, I find guilty pleasure in the fresh oysters sunomono (P250+). Around four pieces of oysters off the shell are served in a vinegar bath and sprinkled with chopped spring onions. Ultimate pulutan, I think.


Jen Tan said...

hey bogchief! i just had a recent visit to kikufuji with some friend's...our first time..i didn't notice the specials..naghahanap kame ng what's special there..we weren't so wowed with what we had. any recommendations?

bogchief said...

Hi Jen. My favorites are: grilled chicken softbone, potato salad, aji tataki, maguro daikon salad, nikomi soup, tako sunomono, tako wasabi, grilled salmon head, grilled beef tongue, nigi toro, ika mentaiko, uni (sashimi or temaki).0918273645

karabau said...

I like the zaru soba too. Buckwheat noodles dipped in cold soy-based sauce. Yummy and refreshing. Simple lang. Bit pricey though at almost P200.

Jen Tan said...

Thank you bogchief!I should have asked you first before I went there...we had none of your favorites ...well, except for the uni sashimi...that was good and sulit for the price.

is that your cell number or kikufuji's? thank you again =)

hey karabau I think my friend had that but he did NOT share kaya didn't get to try.

on my next visit I know na what to order..Thanks guys =)

bogchief said...

Jen, neither mine nor Kikufuji's. I actually don't know what the number is doing there. Must have typed it by accident.

Jen Tan said...'re too funny bogchief!---tatawagan ko nalang ang number nayan to find out sino yan ;P hahaha-jk.. I love you're name too...first time i read "bogchief" natawa talaga ako...saka "karabau" haha;P

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