Sunday, January 25, 2009

the mother ship

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

To celebrate with our buddies in the Fil-Chi community, I want to write about one of their best contributions to our country. And I don’t mean tikoy, I mean Le Ching.

Le Ching has been talked about here in Bogchi before, but this time we’re talking about the Banawe branch. Over a week ago, I had a job to do in the area and decided to go early to finally check out where it all began. (Actually, I really don’t know what came first, the Le Chings in Greenhills, or this one on Banawe. But like the chicken or the egg argument, it’s moot and academic. Basta! Masarap!)

The Banawe branch will give you exactly what you crave for, and more. The usual combo of spareribs rice and chili garlic is incapable of failing. But in this particular branch, they have an extended menu featuring more short order choices in addition to the usual rice toppings or dimsum. I was feeling adventurous so I ordered the fried chicken. Haha. Also, the savory radish cake deserves a mention because it’s deep fried in a portable station right in the middle of the resto as opposed to being done inside the kitchen.

I probably won’t travel all the way to this part of town for my spareribs rice fix because the Greenhills branches are way closer. Unless I’m in it for the nostalgia. This particular Le Ching is actually on the corner of Banawe and Del Monte and a few blocks away from the house I grew up in. Had I known that Banawe would evolve into this Chinese food haven (aside from being an auto surplus supply haven), I would have never moved away.


Em Dy said...

I've never been to the Banawe branch but frequent the Greenhills one (or should I say two?) Spareribs rice is also my favorite and I pair it with either hakao or century egg. I love Le Ching!

jek said...

hey migs,

i feel the same way about banawe! i also used to live near banawe, and sobrang sayang kasi back in the day, the only good restos were near the banawe car zone, well except for shakey's everything there was chinese food, pero nothing like what's there today!

miguel said...

Hi Em, good to know other Le Ching fans. Maybe we should start a Facebook group! Haha.

Jek! I know, it's like Morato now except you can buy car accessories too.

ry.borines said...

I'm a recent transplant to the area from Southside, and thanks to your blog, I've been to both Greenhills Le Chings! Too bad I don't eat rice but their soup&noodle combos fit me just fine :)
Will check out the Banawe branch if I get to have client calls in the area.

Robs said...

I grew up in Manresa 2 minutes away from le ching. I used to go there after school. Spareribs with rice or chicken feet with rice, lugaw with bola bola. Saraaaap!

Christine said...

My boyfriend and I always eat in Le Ching if he's here in Manila.

We frequent Banawe and UP Ayala branch because he brings me to work after dinner.

We love the spareribs and the very cold Soy Milk!!!

Food Joints said...

I'm bookmarking these to try this weekend.

pharmacy said...

Awesome food! maybe the best Asian restaurant in our country!