Thursday, February 05, 2009

walang karibal

One of the best sans rivals in town is from out of town. From San Pablo to be exact. (Although, I hear there there's an argument to be made for Burger Machine's version). Anyway this San Pablo sans rival is a bit of a mystery. I've never bought it on my own. I don't know where to buy it. I don't know the name of the person who makes it.

I know this sans rival because my mom brings it home from her trips with her amigas. And when I had to do work in San Pablo last weekend, our team was gifted with a sans rival for each of us. I asked our host where he got it and all I got was a smile. Later that day, I asked another San Pablo person where they sell the awesome sans rival, and she said that I could get it from a certain subdivision. Without mentioning the subdivision's name, she smoothly changed the subject. Damnit.

Later I find out that, in that still unnamed subdivision, there is a nondescript house that sells the sans rival through a slit in the gate. Like illegal drugs, I suppose. Anyway, I got a clue off the packaging. This mystery sans rival can be ordered through 049-562-3620.


undomesticated bunny said...

Hmmm.. I wonder if that's the same one my ex gave me. It's a good brick size, very crunchy? Not too sweet? My siblings devoured it in one day.

Also, my current bf loves the burge machine sans rival. For the price, it is good!

Katrina said...

I was never a Sans Rival fan until I tried the one from House of Silvanas which, like this one (I can tell by how it looks), is the crunchy kind. They use good butter, which makes all the difference. And you must try their Chocolate Sans Rival! I hear, though, that the original bakeshop in Dumaguete -- called Sans Rival for their specialty, which House of Silvanas stemmed from, still makes it best. I wonder how the San Pablo Sans Rival compares to it.

miguel said...

UB, sayang the BM across our house closed, but I think there's another one around the corner :)

Katrina, I've always wanted to visit Dumaguete, that sans rival gives me another great reason :)

Actually, I like my sans rival slightly chewy, so when I slice myself a serving, I let it "defrost" a bit.

lee said...

I didnt know BM sells sans rival until I read this post, will go out and try it later.

Please allow me to add your blog in my links sir, i enjoy reading your reviews :)

Eka said...

I also love that Sans Rival, it's the best I've tasted so far. The last time I had it was last week while on vacation in Calatagan. My nephew brought a whole cake and I could stop eating. I would sneak in the kitchen and eat a square or two. Super sarap talaga. I asked him to bring some for me this week. I'll remind him nga about it, and save the number from the packaging. He told me that he buys this only from a house and not a shop.

Food Courts said...

These look great… just the kind I like. too sweet, a little crisp, and a little chocolaty. Great with tea or cocoa or coffee.