Monday, May 16, 2005

Banana Shake

Some people say that the reason monkeys are so energetic is because of all the bananas they eat. Before a workout, the monkey in me enjoys a super-nutritious banana shake. I put in three ice cubes, a few fresh strawberries or strawberry jam, two bananas - I like them frozen for a creamy consistency, a tablespoon of raw oatmeal, and dairy/soy milk to soften everything up. Put everything in a blender and pulse to a smoothie-like consistency. If you're feeling a bit hungry, add one raw egg! To mask the eggy taste, you might want to put a bit more strawberries or a bit more jam.


filet minion said...

Bogchief, have you checked out the marketmanila site today? it's featuring the same smoothie but with the emphasis on the frozen baguio strawberries. You beat the marketman to it by 2 days! Nakampu. And I'm sure your smoothie tastes a 100x better.Naks uli.

A typical "if you had/could..." absurd question asked among friends is "if you could only eat one kind of food forever what would it be?" Sheryl, our petite friend readily answers-- ice cream! I doubt if she could live forever on ice cream without diabetes, toothache and gastrointestinal complications but i can guarantee that you can probably live forever on this smoothie, and the best part is, it tastes just like ice cream, only much, much better!

bogchief said...

Marketman is in a different league. I only wish this blog could become as rockin' as his. But still, I am flattered by your praise.

filet minion said...

Don't worry Bogchief, someday soon, there will be more visitors to this site other than me. Why don't you give your dear friend Tim or Maurice a call to feature bogchinoypi on their society columns? I'm sure they'd be more than willing to take your left nut in exchange for the free publicity.