Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chicken Ass: The Holy Grail

Bacolod SugbahanKing Arthur, and later, Indiana Jones, had less trouble finding the Holy Grail than we did in trying to get our Chicken Ass fix. Our first trip was to Inihaw Circle on Mandalyong Rotunda - out of stock. Our second trip was to JT's in the Gilmore area - we were able to order, only to find out later that they had run out. We finally hit paydirt last night, at Bacolod Sugbahan. This 4-5 table, air-conditioned restaurant is at the corner of J.P. Rizal and Pasong Tamo. The closest parking spots are along the street - up near the Santa Ana racetrack. Prices are reasonable: Paa/Petcho (P75), Pak-Pak (P52), Isol (P34), Baticolon (P34), etc.

IsolWe ordered Isol and Baticolon. Both were excellent - very tasty. What struck me about the Isol was that, although it was grilled, you would think it was fried because the skin was so crispy. Watching them grill, I noticed that the grate was just an inch and a half over the coals. I'll try cooking this at home and let you know how it goes. They say the trick is using lemongrass and ginger in your marinade and basting with annatto infused oil.

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