Thursday, May 19, 2005

NY Times Dining & Wine: Tired of Being Razzed, Bronx Cheers Its Food

Filet minion, a native New Yorker, insists that her hometown is the center of the universe. I don't particularly love the city, but after reading this article, I might just agree with her. I'd gladly give up my left nut for a chance to sample the food the Bronx has to offer - and this is just a short list: Albanian, Jamaican, Southern comfort food, Puerto Rican, Honduran, Kosher, Irish, regional Mexican, regional African. Also check out the slideshow.

If any of you know of any interesting ethnic restaurants, keeping in mind the criteria (cheap!), please share.


wysgal said...

There's always New Bombay Canteen on HV de la Costa.

And I love Cafe Mediterranean --- but it's a little pricey there since their branches are located in malls.

bogchief said...

Hi wysgal. You should try Shawarma Snack Center. It's on a street perpendicular to Mabini, in Manila. Lousy directions, I know, but I'll put precise ones when I go back there for a review.