Friday, May 20, 2005

Amici di Don Bosco: Pizza

Pizza at AmiciFor the past year, my family has religiously made the weekly trip to Don Bosco Makati. If only we attended mass each time we were there, you'd be calling me Pope Benedict by now. But I'd rather just eat their pizza, which just might be as close to authentic as you can get in Manila. It's so good that when I take a bite of the crispy/chewy crust, I can almost smell Venezian sewer water. Caffe Caruso on Reposo street might be able to compete on taste alone, but it sorely loses the price war. Each pizza at Amici costs only P240; and that includes the cafeteria-like ambience.

I think the secret to their pizza is their industrial-sized, wood-fired oven, which can probably get as hot as 750º whereas our home oven peaks at an Antarctic 450º. So if you're willing to shell out P350,000 for an identical oven, let me know how it goes. Otherwise, you can enroll in one of their pizza-making classes, where they claim you can clone their pizza using a regular home oven.

Don Bosco Makati is at the corner of Pasay Road (I refuse to call it Arnaiz Ave.) and Pasong Tamo. Do pay them a visit. I suggest the quattro formaggi and the tutti carni (pictured). If you like it spicy, bring your own chili flakes, as they're often out of peperoncino. Amici is open until 9 pm and closed on Sundays.


karabau said...

Waw! Mura at masarap! Sige, susubukan asap. Sana kasing nipis ng pizza margherita ng CPK. Pero kalahati ng presyo. Masarap din ang multiple cheese (kalimutan ko na kung ilan) pizza ng Brooklyn Pizza. Less oily than Yellow Cab. 'Lam ko meron sa Alabang. Think they're open/opening sa Makati. Will ask Todd. Kaibigan niya yung may-ari.

ry.borines said...

buti na lang may Amici na sa Mega, mas malapit than Morato or Makati from Ortigas. There's one being st up also in Greenhills. Yey :)